Hi, Somehow your crisps have ended up in our meeting rooms for the catered lunches and they are absolutely delicious!
Natalie, 1st June

Just to let you know I tried, for the first time, a packet of your Salty Dog sea salt & malt vinegar crisps and I can honestly say that after only one or two crisps that they are the best I have tasted for flavour and crispness. My number one choice from now on !
Steve, 3rd November

Hi there. I have just picked up a pack of your strong cheese and onion crisps and they taste amazing. So much better than some of the premium brands out there!
Lisa, 22nd August

I just want to say thank you for these wonderful tasting crisps! They taste fresh and really, really crispy, unlike some other makes. Its a pleasure to buy them as they go with a pint of beer just dandy!!!!
Trevor, 12th August

Seriously your crisps are the best.
Liz, 9th August

Best popcorn ever. Thanks
Jodie, 9th August

I got a bag of your peanuts today. They were the best peanuts I've ever tasted. My husband tried some too & he said they taste like he's never eaten peanuts before - praise indeed!
Maria, 31st July

Great crisps – well done, I think this is the first time I’ve ever been excited by crisps!
Dave, 29th July

I have just enjoyed a packet of Strong cheddar and onion flavour that I have to say are a crisp apart. Your crisps have taken the flavour bite a step further and have definitely taken over as my favourites. Thanks for being good crisp cooks!
John, 14th July

Hi! Tried your products last weekend and felt compelled to email you at how impressed I was! Great taste and really wholesome!
Alex, 19th June

Love love love these chips!
Angie, 11th June

Just wanted to let you know I had a packet of your sweet chilli crisps last Friday. The texture, crispiness and flavour are great. I think they are probably one of, or possibly the best crisps I’ve ever had. Keep up the good work.
John, 9th June

Hey i love the crisps. so good... honestly the best crisps I've ever had. Thanks a lot :)
Callam, 1st June

Had your crisps for the first time today and they were delicious!
Millie, 31st May

Hi, Really like Jalpeno & Corriander Flavour! Hot and Spicy and would go well with a nice summer drink, you can really taste the different spices. Well done they are worth a recommendation.
Nigel, 28th May

Woof (Hello) I really enjoy your salty dog pop corn!
Shaun, 22nd May

Just wanted to say your salt and vinegar crisps are fantastic. Finally a decent bag of crisps. Just tasted your dry roasted peanuts and they are wonderful. Well done all at Salty Dog.
Keep it up!!!!!!
Darren, 18th April

Just had my first pack of sweet chilli Salty dog crisps and they were amazing! Tons in the pack which was a pleasant surprise and briliant texture and taste. Fabulous!
Lisa, 6th February

I've always loved your crisps but have just polished off some sweet and salty popcorn and it was just amazing! Thanks!
Cassie, 8th January

Can I say your salted peanuts are the best! I used to graze on snacks in pubs, but now only demand the naturally nutty salty dog nuts. Anything else is not worth the effort in terms of cash 'out of wallet' or taste via consumption. I hope I have not become some sort of peanut connoisseur or unbearable groundnut fanatic! But, basically your nuts are the bestest!
​Howard, 19th December

Just wanted to say your popcorn is fabulous! Esp. sweet & salty oh yeah. Thank you
Nicola, 27 October

Salty Dog crisps are literally the best crisps I have ever tried ! Me and my girlfriend first tried them a few weeks back and have been craving them since. Anyway guys well done on the crisps !! 10/10
Keith and Bex, 22 October

I just wanted to let you know you do the best popcorn in the WORLD. I am totally addicted.
Hema, 20 October

I love your sea salt pop corn, im a pop corn addict! :-D
Lorna, 11 October

I have just had my first ever packet of Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar crisps and I LOVE them!! I am very impressed with the flavour and they certainly bite back!! !!! I will certainly be re-purchasing and trying all your other bits and bobs in the future!
Beccy, 22 September

I just want to say thank you for making the best crisps EVER!
Susana, 19 September

Bought 2 packets of Salty Dog salt and vinegar crisps today. Without a shadow of doubt the nicest Salt & Vinegar crisps I have ever tasted!
John, 16 September

I have just had the taste bud pleasure of trying your Darling corn – smoked variety –and I am blown away with the fantastic flavour, crunch and all round yumminess of them. Thank you for inventing them and keep up the great work, I will be singing your praises from the rooftop. Top Snack!!!!!
Nickie, 8 September

I would just like to say how great i find your crisps, salt & vinegar especially are the best crisps I've ever had.
Jack, 18 August

I would just like to say your crisps are amazing!! Especially the salt and vinegar.
Laura, 5 August

Discovered your sweet chilli salty dog crisps last night at a lovely village pub near to us, and wow they are GRRREAT! Very crisp & tasty.......will be buying more!
Sue, 3 August

Your sea salt crisps are just so moorish and I can't get enough :)
Lee, 2 August

We have just discovered your strong cheddar & onion crisps. I was blown away by the wonderful taste - I thought I knew a bit about crisps but your are really lovely.
Sheila, 28 July

Bought a bag of salted nuts on impulse t'other day and my family and I are now converts! Absolutely delish (far tastier than other leading brands).
Niki, 1 June

Your crisps are amazing!
Adam, 27 July

I like your crisps (especially the sea salt and malt vinegar ones!!). I can comfortably say that your crisps are by far my favourite. They are packed with flavour and are always of the highest quality.
Mark, 26 July

Hi, love your crisps, especially jalapeño. .
Steve, 25 July

Tried your crisps and they were the best I'd ever tasted with their intense and interesting flavours. Absolutely loved them and everything else now seems second best!
Ian, 24 July

I have tried both cheese and onion and salt and vinegar. I don’t often eat crisps, but these were delicious. Well done you, you clever little mutt.
Jula, 24 July

Tried your strong cheddar and onion crisps for the first time ; must say they hit the spot perfectly. Tick crunchy and full of flavour. looking forward to trying the rest of the flavours. Keep up the good work.
Michael, 16 July

MAN THEY ARE SOOOOO GOOD!! Really thick yet crispy and great choice of flavours - the jalapeño and coriander are divine!!!! Keep it up!!!
Elaine, 8 July

I have just returned from Cardiff on a plane, where I tasted your crisps for the first time. Wow! I am not a huge crisp lover, but, my goodness I want to buy these.
Catherine, 24 June

I have just discovered your crisps. They have got to be the best crisps I have ever tasted. Fresh, crunchy & packed with flavour. A fantastic find.
Steve, 28 April

I often buy your Salt and Vinegar crisps and I have found that they really are the best crisps.
Kern, 23 April

Just been introduced to Salty Dog at our local pub, a traditional crisp sold in a traditional pub, what could be better?
Bev, 20th April

Love these jalapeño crisps! Great flavour and very morish!
Claire, 20th April

I have recently tried your delicious crisps for the first time and i can say hands down they are wonderful!
Geoff, 30th March

Dear Saltydogs, when I was waiting in A&E I tried a packed of sea salt (my favourite) of your hand cooked crisps. They were brill. Thank you very much for making my wait much better.
Dawn, 24th February

These,are the utter bestest crisps EVER! Love them, love them, love them. Need more!!!
Lynn, 19th February

I tasted your jalepeño and corriander crisps on the train for the first time. They blew me away! Full of flavour and crispy!
Sabrina, 14th February

Just wanted to say these crisps always save me at the train station cafe! I'm low in salt and sensitive to a lot of foods so this always keeps me going. Great taste too! Thanks
Deena, 7th February

I was given a packet of your jalapeno and coriander crisps for the first time last week and absolutely loved them to the point where I’m now buying them by the box load! They certainly do bite back.
Mandy, 4th February

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your hand cooked crisps selection. Who knew that such simple ingredients could produce possibly the best packet of crisps I ever had. Thoroughly enjoy the Sea Salt flavour and I shall definitely be purchasing them from now on!
Adam 3rd February

Just wanted to say I love your crisps – such good crunchy crisps and proper flavours. I particularly like the spicy sweet chilli and the fantastic jalapeno and coriander.
Andrew, 24th January

I recently came back from an extended time abroad and needed some nourishment. The first thing I ate after stepping off the plane was Salty Dog popcorn and it blew my mind. Now I really cant get enough of them.
Duncan, 23rd January

Just purchased a packet of Sweet Chilli Crisps from our sandwich delivery man and they were great. Great texture, taste and crunch. Cant wait for him to come back tomorrow morning so I can get some more!
Richard, 23rd January

Hello! Just to say I think that your salt and vinegar crisps are the closest thing to a chip shop chips that I've ever tasted. Also love the sweet and salty popcorn :-)
Felicity, 7th January

Just thought I'd let you know that my wonderful wife made my Christmas this year, by buying me an entire box of your crisps as a present! Keep up the good work!
Kev, 30th December

On a visit to a local public house in Northampton I purchased a packet (which lead to a few more !) of your salted cashew nuts. These were quite frankly the best I have ever tasted.
Richard, 23rd December

Hi, Im a massive fan of Salty Dog crisps, my fav is flame grilled steak there yummy.
Andy, 3rd December

Dear Salty Dog, The other day I decided to give your sweet and salty popcorn a try and wanted to tell you I love it. Amazing!
Tara, 22nd November

Lovin’ the crisps Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar (can’t wait for our sandwich man to arrive at the office) Thanks.
Laura, 6th November

Hi just writing to say how good I think your crisps were! Well done! Good to see family businesses doing good
Rickie, 7th November

They have started selling salty dog crisps in the school tuckshop....everyone loves them!
Kezia aged 13, 22nd October

Salty dog crisps - they're grrreat! Please get more pubs to stock your fantastic, tasty crisps!
Janet, 7th October

A fabulous product. The taste made us read the packet! Brilliant!
Dot, 22nd September

I love your crisps and I hope we see them all over the place soon! salty dog are...The dogs nuts in my opinion
Darren, 9th September

I've just tried your cheese and onion crisps. They were so delicious I had to buy another! Thanks!!
Jade, 28th August

Hi Saltydog gang, I tried the ham and wholegrain mustard, OMG , not gonna lie, Best Crisps Ever! Going to try the jalepeno n coriander next. So full of flavour. Thanks for coming into my life Saltydog
Sarah, 19th August

thanks Saltydog, i'm now addicted to jalapeno & coriander crisps. they're possibly the finest thing i ever tasted.
Gary, 13th August

Packet of Cheese and Onion Salty dog crisps really hit the spot to douse my hunger pangs along with a big pint of blackcurrant and soda!. Thank you for a most delicious snack!
Jenny, 23rd July

Recently, I have tried some of your sea salted potato crisps and I absolutely loved them. I personally would rate salty dog 10/10 because they taste great as look great, and I cannot wait to try your new popcorn and nuts.
Sophie (aged 13), 21st July

My boyfriend came home today and told me about your yummy sweet chilli crisps. I'm looking forward to trying some (obviously he ate them all and left none for me!) :-)
Jo, 30th May

I have just tried your strong cheddar and onion crisps, the taste was unbelievable the best taste in crisp that my partner and i have tasted ever
Karl, 29th May

Hey guys! I just wanted to take a moment out of my day to say, WE LOVE YOUR CRISPS! Salty dog is the dogs nuts. Thanks for amazing my taste buds'
Dec, 26th May

Just wanted to write in and say how much I am in love with your salt and vinegar salty dogs they are so mouthwatering moorish and I have to say I think they are the best crisps I've ever had.
Gemma, 18th May

I've just tried your crisps for the first time today and cannot believe I haven't seen them before ? They are delicious !! Being a lover of hot and spicy crisp I found the taste to perfection and will certainly be buying them on a regular basis .
Dave, 14th May

Grrrrrrreat crisps. The jalapeno and coriander crisps are totally zingy and wake up your tongue with a stab to the taste buds. Love it.
Ken, 9th May

Yesterday for the first time I tasted a packet of your Sea Salt Crisps. First class! Reminded me of crisps I had when I was a child and I'm now 76years old. Keep up the good work.
Clive, 8th May

Hi, I just want to say how much I'm loving your crisps. I will not eat any other crisps now apart from Salty Dog's. If these crisps were at Crufts they would win Best in Show.
Daisy, 22nd April

WOW - I thought, having lived as long as I have, that I must have tasted the best popcorn before now ...how wrong was I! Just tried your Sweet and Salty Popcorn and I can honestly say I have never tasted a better sweet and salty treat and the most fantastic snack ever.
Anthony, 16th April

I JUST LOVE your chips....(the flavour is exactly what it says on the packet)
Mary, 10th April

Hello Salty Dog, I am nuts about salt and vinegar crisps and I recently tried your take on the flavour and it blew the competition away. Keep up the ace work!
Dave, 10th April

Not sure why you're using the 'grrr', it should be saltydog-wow !! Having sampled both the jalapeno & coriander crisps and the sweet and salty popcorn, I really must confess my love for the saltydog !
Scott, 20th March

I had my first pack of Salty Dog crisps today, JALAPENO & CORIANDER flavour. Best I have ever tasted the only disappointment was when I reached the end of the bag and they had all gone. Keep up the good work
Paul, 15th March

Salty dog peanuts are the best, more softer and full of flavour than any other branded peanuts! Thank you.
Sarah, 12th March

Hi. We like your coriander and jalapeno.
Nick, 4th March

Wow!! What an amazing product. A real tingly taste sweet and salty popcorn is real genius!!! I could eat bag after bag it's so moreish. Thank you for a real taste sensation
Emma, 3rd March

I would just like to thank you for your excellent crisps, I have eaten a bag of your flame grilled steak crisps and they were the best I have ever tasted, thank you, I will be recommending them to all my family and friends.
Nigel, 1st March

I had your crisps for the first time last Saturday – and am a new fan! They felt really light and had a great taste I will definitely be trying the other flavours.
Susan, 26th February

Just wanted to tell you how delicious your crisps are. Having tasted them ( my fav is ham and wholegrain mustard) any other crisps just dont compare!! Have told all fellow crisp lovers about them and have converted them all!! Well done!
Nik, 26th February

I love your crisps, my favourite crisps use to be kettle chips, but I find myself dumping those for the very tasty Salty Dog range. Thank you from a Salty Dog fan!!
Lorna, 19th February

I work for an airline and we have these crisps on board and can I say these crisps are amazing, no one can keep their hands out of the bags!!! Best crisps I have tasted.
Carly, 19th February

I am contacting you to praise you on your crisps, they are so tasty and addictive. I recently flew to Capetown and I was offered some of your crisps and now I am obsessed with them.
Lemuel, 19th February

I came across your crisps whilst at a mates house…… all I can say is they got my tastebuds reveling in an orgy or richness ! I will be hunting these little beauty's down. keep up the good work
Matthew, 19th February

Big Thank you for THE tastiest crisps in whole world!
Mummy Beau & The rest X, 19th February

I love eating salty dog Steak crisps. Defo going to try the nuts and popcorn, Keep up the great flavour!
Ryan, 18th February

Hey, I am a Flight Attendant & we have salty dog salt and vinegar crisps on board for our upper class passengers. Everyone on board, both passengers and crew LOVE these crisps!
Paula, 17th February

I'm a bit of a peanut fan and have just this minute discovered your Salty Dog salted peanuts. They are some of the best nuts I've ever tasted. Salty snack fan
Sam, 12th February

Just bought a load of Salty Dog stuff as the packaging is so great!
Helene, 11th February

Thought i would let you know, ate your crisps for the first time at the weekend, down the pub, they are ace, we all loved em !
Steve, 11th February

We here at Attacat LOVE Salty Dog! Please keep making your great food – I can’t get enough of your salt and vinegar crisps!!
Christie, 7th February

Hi All at Salty Towers! I tried the sweet chilli salty dog crisps and they were absolutely the best crisps I have ever tasted!! They are packed full of flavour and the crunch is just awesome! Keep it real
Holli K, Andover :) 22nd January

Compliments of the season. I am happy to let you know that, you have managed to convert me, a normally non-crisp eater into a fan of your hand-cooked crisps!
Olukemi, 14th January

Love the popcorn and can’t get enough of them
Ellen, 11th January

Thanks for the lovely peanuts! :)
Eddy, 30th December

Hi, I think your crisps are delicious and so does my daughter.
Imogen, 14th December

I am a huge crisp lover and i must say, your crisps are up there with the best! I absolutely love your salt and vinegar ones! They just seem to have a different taste and crunch to them that most others don't, so you have one very happy customer here!
Sarah, 29th November

I love your brand it's brilliant! :D
Naomi, 4th November

Love your crisps – there are no nicer, crunchier ones out there!
Claire, 1st November

I just tried a packet of your Salty Dog Nuts! (Peanuts) and got to say they were YUMMY!!!
- James, 25th October

Just tried your Jalapeno & Coriander crisps, they are amazing! So tasty, officially my crisp of choice, and my number one snack.
- Amber, 22nd October

Superb flavour. A mouthful of crunch with each crisp. Will look for your crisps in future. Thank you.
- Ray, 21st September

I’ve just tried your Jalapeno & Coriander Salty Dog Crisps and they are a legend in the making! I’ve also had a try of your sea salt popcorn – lush!! Thx & Keep Growling
- Lee, 19th September

I have tried your Fab crisps and want to say I do love them too! Forgot the diet all together. They have flavour and really do bite back.
- Marie W, 17th September

I love your crisps! They are great, my favorite taste is sweet chilli! Thanks and keep up the good work! :)
- Jonas, 6th September

Hi there, my 9 year old son found your crisps; he loves the salt and malt vinegar ones as they are "tasty and tangy" as he quoted!
- Sarah, 28th August

I love the strong cheddar and onion crisps as they are so crunchy and full of flavour! Thank you!
- Jessica, 20th August

Happy Friday! Your S&V crisps made my lunch time
- Lyndsey, 17th August

Myself and the girls in the office have recently discovered your sweet & salty popcorn - we love it!!
- Candy, 17th August

Sweet & Salty popcorn is the best I’ve ever tasted!
- Matt, 16th August

I’d just like to say I just eaten my first packet of jalapeno n coriander crisps ,they were fab ,really enjoyed them! Thanks!
- Sam, 3rd August

My favourite flavour is Ham & Mustard because the flavour hits the spot!
- Vanessa, 2nd August

Just tried some of your crisps - fantastic! My favourite is salt and vinegar, much tastier than other brands efforts.
- Harvey, 1st August

We came across SaltyDog and thought the Ham and wholegrain mustard crisps very full of flavour.! Quite the best. We loved them.
- Liza, 26th July

I love ‘Salt & Vinegar’ Salty Dogs the best as they’re so tangy.
- Richard, 4th July

I love Salty Dogs! My favourite flavour is Salt and Vinegar because they are sooooo salty and tasty!
- Sam, 4th July

Loving the cheese & onion flavour. Helping me to revise for exams!!!
- Maya, 30th June

Hello, I really enjoy your cheese and onion flavour crisps.
- Charlotte, 29th June

Love ur salt & vinegar! Cant wait to try all the other flavours!
- Emily, London, 27th June

Wow! what a revelation. Tried your crisps. Absolutely loved them.
- Kathryn, 18th June

WOW! These have to be the tastiest crisps I've had in a long time. Exquisite flavour and the texture of the more upmarket crisps you can buy in shops.
- Jerry, 15th June, Bath

Deeeeeelicious! Salt n Vinegar, cured my sore throat !!
- Christopher, 1st June

I love em too. They are so thick and salty I couldn’t bring myself to share them with the dog !
- Ralph, 30th May

Just bought our first packet of Sea Salt Salty Dog crisps and they were grrreat, crispy and salty, no surprise there then.
- Mike, Julie and Rob the miniature schnauzer, 22nd May

I just wanted to say that your fire-roasted Jalapeno Pepper crisps are the tastiest crisps I've ever tasted.
- Sonia, London. 11th May

Love those salt and vinegar chips! All the way from Canada……thanks!
- Trish, Calgary, 10th May

I have just tried my first packet of your crisps and they are the best I have had the pleasure to eat! They are jalapeno and coriander flavour and have a moreish kick!
- Stephanie, 24th April

I love Salty Dog crisps and nuts - amazing flavour!
- Helen, 26th March

I have just bought the Salty Dog strong cheddar and onion crisps, they are amazing!
- Rachel , 24th March

I gave Ham & Mustard a try & am very glad that I did because these are the most delicious crisps I have had for years!
- John, 23rd March

They really are the best crisps I've even tasted
- Leanne, 20th March

Your crisps are yummy xx
- Amii, 18th March

Hi Guys, Just tried your jalapeno and coriander flaver and I have to say im impressed
- Darren, 12th March

Whenever I'm hungry,
I like to eat
Salty Dog Crisps
They are a treat

Salt and Vinegar
Mustard and Ham
Cheddar cheese and onion
I'll eat as much as I can

Thank you Salty Dog
I love you lots
Give me my freebie
My great big box
- Sophie (Aged 9), 12th March

Really love your product
- Nichola, 10th March

I have just purchased a packet of your crisps Jalapeño and coriander flavour, they were yummy
- Carly, 9th March

Your crispies are actually the Dogs Kahuna's - FACT! They're fab and so amazingly tasty.
- Jennifer, 7th March

Hi Salty! I love your crisps, especially the Jalapeno ones!
- Martin, 6th March

Just had a bag of your crisps and have to say - best tasting crisps I have ever had and lovely and crunchy too :)
- Andrew, 5th March

Hey you guys , brilliant crisps ‘I love em’ my favorite are the Salt and Vinigar.
- Carolyn , 5th March

Some of the best favoured and tasty crisps I've had in awhile.... keep them coming!
- Megan, 23rd February

I adore your website! As a committed pooch mad potato buff it suits me to a tee!
- Loulou, 21st February

The most eye catching packets and most definitely the best flavour tasted (since Hedgehog in the 80s), keep up the good work
- Jasper, 15th February

Love the salt and vinegar
- Claire, 10th February

- Tom, 8th February

Hi iv just had the jalapeno & coriander they were lovely
- Miss Lisa F.,Sunderland, 8th February

hi folks, me and my mates at work love salty dog crisps, especially jalepeno and coriander flavour. As soon as they are in stock, we are the first to get them before they sell out.
- Gareth, 8th February

Salty,Your hand cooked crisps are barking mad. I have just been neutered from every other crisp and now can only sniff out yours in the vending machine…….. Big licks
- Rover the Reporter, 7th February

Salty Dog ROCKS! :D
- Lisa, 5th February

Your jalapeno and coriander crisps are awesome!!!
- Jonathan, 5th February

- Brian, 4th February

I've just demolished my first packet of Salty Dog sea salt crisps. Sorry, but I found them far too good to share, even with man's best friends !! (In my case 2 J.R.)
- Dave, 2nd February

Hi there, I often buy Salty Dog crisps at my local pub. Thank you! They're the only crisps around at the moment that actually have a really good amount of seasoning.
- Sally, 2nd February

Just tried your Tikka Masala crisps for the first time, wow, they’re awesome. I’m a big crips fan and these have shot straight to the top of the list.
- Ed, 25th January

I tried a packet of the Jalapeno and Coriander salty dog crisps today. These are the best crisps that I have ever tried and will definately be buying more. Keep up the good work and thankyou for the taste sensation.
- Neil, 23rd January

Hi, I love your crisps, especially the Jalapeno & Coriander flavour (mmm – nice and spicy!)
- Mo, 23rd January

Hi. I've just tried my first packet of Jalapeno & Coriander hand cooked crisps. WOW, they bite. Definitely be having them again.
- Graeme, 18th January

I LOVE your jalapeno and coriander crisps!
- David, 17th January

Just mashed out a bag of Sweet Chili Salty Dogs. They should be sold in pubs as a legal obligation! Mmmmmmm! Woof!
- L., 7th January

Hi Salty Dogs..I just had a bag of your crisps from the vending machine at my office and I wanted to tell you that they are super amazing!
- Ellie, 22nd December

Wowsers ! Just had these bad boys in the vending machine at work and without doubt they are the best crisps ever !!!!
- Martin, 21st December

Your Cheddar & Onion are amongst the best i have tasted. Thanks
- Adil, 20th December

I have recently become a convert to your crisps clearly the quality shines through and i will be recommending these to my family and friends .
- John H, 13th December

Hi! After trying my first packet of sweet chilli crisps I just had to let you know how much I enjoyed them. They taste like a "good old fashioned crisp" the way they used to taste and I will certainly be back to buy more ( and hiding them from the rest of the family ! ).
- Jeanette, 7th December

Hi Saltydog, just had my first (and definately not last) pack of your amazing crisps. I was so blown away with the flavour and texture of them I felt I had to congratulate you.
- Martin, 7th December

We LOVE your crisps. ... we have them in our vending machine and they are a best seller.
- Jenny, 28th November

Well, I was a Salty Dog virgin until 10 mins ago - and just have to say, they are blooming fantastic! Thank you so much for making my lunchtime go with a bang.
- Dawn, 25th November

Just had first packet of your crisps and they knock the spots of anything else i have ever had, they were what i would call proper crisps! Good luck to you all and keep up the great work.
- Bob, 14th November

Just tried your salt and vinegar crisps and I loved them!! Looking forward to trying your other flavours soon!
- Wingyee, 13th November

Dear Sirs, Your crisps are really and truly gorgeous, so tasty, they are real yummy!
- Greta N, 5th November

I tried your chilli crisps and they were extremely fresh, crunchy and tasty. It's always great to see a local enterprises like yourselves competing against the big boys..... Sock it to them
- Chris, 4th November

Hi There, I bought a packet of your crisps this morning; they were the best crisps that I have ever eaten. I am totally hooked. FANTASTIC.......
- Dave, 29th October

Keep up the good work on the crisps, bloody good!
- Matt, 27th October

Hi, I bought your crisps to try and fell in love with them; I have since driven the mile and half because I’d be craving them! Thanks
- Anna, 25th October

Hi! Just tried Salty Dog for the first time, oh my life how georgous (sweet chilli) love them! Thank you!
- Rachel T., 22nd October

Sea Salt & Modena Balsamic Vinegar... Best. Crisps. Ever. :-)
- Dr Tim N., 21st October

I do love the jalapeno & coriander crisps mmmmm tasty. Your spicy tasty snacks rock the known universe
- Bruce, 20th October

Dear Sirs, I had to write to tell you how fabulous your Salty Dog crisps are!! They are so tasty and very very crispy. Congratulations on such a good product as some of the "famous makes" leave much to be desired!!
- Mrs S M, 19th October

I’d like to say we think your crisps are the best, the salt & vinegar flavour is delicious, no other crisps come close to the texture & flavour of yours. Keep up the good work!
- Darren, 18th October

Just wanted to say the Jalapeno and Coriander crisps are fantastic.
- Steve, 18th October

These are best crisps I have ever ever ever tasted!!! I LOVE THEM
- Louise, 12th October 2011

Hi! We've first tried Salty Dog Crisps whilst visiting Somerset! Got to say they were amazing, went back to the bar for 3 more bags! Paws up to you all at Salty Dog! Thanks
- Helen and Alex, 10th October 2011

I just tried a packet of saltydog strong cheddar and onion, I found them to be the best crisps ive ever eaten,
- Morgan, 6th October 2011

Just a line to tell you how much the boss (my Wife) and I like your sea salt and malt vinegar crips! Outstanding, a delight on the tongue! Well done
- Mike, 3rd October

I looooooooove these, better than walkers any day…. Love u salty Doggy x
- Esther, 28th September

Hi there, My wife and I recently sampled your chips for the first time. We hope it won't be the last time. They are gorgeously crunchy and tasty. Well done to all your team on a fantastic chips.
- Colin and Kathryn, Stockport, 25th September

Well done for making crisps really crisp !
- Paul, Cheshire, 23rd September

Hi, bought my first packet today and loved them. Will be back for more.
- Heather, 22nd September, Windsor

Oh my goodness - I am addicted to your ham and wholegrain mustard crisps. They are the best!!
- Elaine, 21st September

After tasting Salty Dog, I’ll never like another crisp quite as much. I can taste the quality, such a pleasant change from the likes of KP and Wotsits. Thank you for existing! Your humble follower,
- Steph, 21st September, Hartlepool

Just had my first packet of Salty Dog Salt & Vinegar crisps. I'm an instant convert! Being a connoisseur of all crisps salt & vinegar flavoured, I can say that I have never tasted better. Keep on frying.
- Paul, 20th September, N Yorkshire

I just tried my first bag of Salty Dog crisps (Salt & Vinegar - most excellent!) I love the packaging and design! Wishing you much success!
- Rebecca, 19th September

I have just chomped through my first ever packet of Salty dog crisps! What an amazing experience and one which i shall be repeating. They were Grrreat! I wish you every success in the world! Xx
- Sarah, 18th September

Your crisps have recently found their way into our work canteen machine – think they’re lovely, just waiting for the other flavours to appear (currently only had sweet chilli) – can’t wait!
- John, 15th September, Milton Keynes

Just had my first pack of Salty Dog Crisps at work - the chilli one. They are absolutely great - very hot and tasty:o) Will definedly be buying them again!
- Christina, 14th September

I have just tried my first packet of salty Dog– They are great best Ham and Mustard crisps I have tried.
- Amanda, 13th September

Jalapeno & Corriander rock my world! Bang Tidy!
- Emerson, 12th September

Just had my first ever packet of Salty Dog crisps and they were the best crisps I have ever tasted!! Keep up the good work J
- Darren, Swansea, 7th September

I just wanted to say how amazing and rediculously tasty your crisps are! Keep up the good work!!!!! Your biggest fan (if i ate them much more then believe me ill end up physically being your biggest fan)
- Robert P, Winchelsea, 3rd September

Hi, had my first taste ever of the above yesterday and loved them. Thank you - bring on the Salty Dog crisps!
- R Eldridge, 31st August

I had your crisps for the first time today and they were brill. I really enjoyed them. My dad had a packet too and he thought the same. Thank you for yummy crisps
- Ryan, Lincolnshire, 31st August

Just to let you know that I love your crisps! Only tried ham and mustard and they were very nice. Love the little dog! branding is important and i think characters are more fun and more remembered than just a logo. carry on the good work!
- Tim, Farnborough, 31st August

Hi, I would love a window sticker. In fact anything to spread the word about your lovely crisps. They are quite simply the best crisps I’ve ever had in a pub!Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Thanks
- Amanda & Paul, 31st July

Hi, With regards to your so called tasty crisps. I absolutely love them gosh the jalapeno and coriander flavour blows me away everytime. Its such a great taste and a perfect change to the crisp industry which has been same old up til now. Yours gratefully
- Daniel, Lower Stondon, 25th August

Wow, the only thing I like better than 'hot' food with a kick is coriander. The coriander aftertaste is absolutely perfectomous!!! Well Done XXX
- Sam, 23rd August

WOOF! I have never heard of Salty Dog before, but I just got some from a vending machine at work.I have been spreading the word by text and I've even posted a pack to a friend! There is only the Ham & Mustard flavour in the machine, but I will be looking out for your crisps. Amazing brand - I think it's going to grow into a massive name. Thanks,
- Michael, Leeds, 23rd August

Hi, Thought i`d send you a wee email to say wow, tried your sweet chilli crisps last night at work and thought wow were have these been all my life amazing flavour amazing crisps. thanks
- Lee, 23rd August

Just got 2 packets of your Salted Crisps; supposedly as a treat for after i finish cutting the grass... lets just say the crisps are the best ive tasted in a long, long time... and the grass still needs cutting! Want more! Keep up the good work...Many Thanks,
- Rob (aka D0gtired), Liverpool, 23rd August

Wow, Just tasted Salty Dog Jalapeno & Coriander crisps. Have to say they are without doubt the nicest crisps I have ever had Off to tell all my friends
- Steve, 18th August, Stoke Gifford

I love your crisps they are the best I have had in ages.
- Jan, 17th August, Bristol

Hi I'd just like to drop you a quick email to tell you that on a visit to a coffee shop in Saundersfoot, West Wales we tried your crisps for the very first time and what can I say-they certainly pack some punch in the flavour department! These are some of the nicest crisps I, (along with the company I was with) have tried. As I mentioned, the flavour was plentiful but not only that, the quality of the crisp was just right too-meaning: not 'melt in your mouth' like some brands but not 'rip your gums open upon contact' like others (Kettle chips being a prime example). They were just right-good quality spuds and awesome flavours/plenty of bite! I'll be looking out for them in other cafes/pubs alike and We'll pass the word to other pals to look out for them too-best of luck with promoting them!
- Zack, 14th August, West Glamorgan

I adore your ham and mustard crisps – seriously, they have been the best discovery! I am from Australia and there was a similar crisp flavour there that I loved but could not find anything near the same here in the U.K. Yours are even better though!
- Catherine, 11th August

I love salty dog crisps after trying them a little while ago, I Go on so much about how much I loved them, my boyfriend had to order loads off the internet to shut me up! Get them in the supermarkets! Best crisps ever!!!
- Joanne, 9th August, Surrey



- Angeline, 1st August, Bedworth

hi my name is Jessica Otway i am age 8., I have tried your crisps and they are very nice.
- Jessica, 31st July 2011, Kent

Hello Salty Dog, I tried salty dog crisps for the first time today and they have now become my favourite crisps.
- Donna, 2nd August 2011, Leeds

Never e-mailed a company regarding food before but got to say I have managed to get hold of some of your cheese and onion crisps and they are by far the best I have ever had!!!! Be nice to see them in more shops!! Thanks,
- Danny, 6th July 2011

Salty Dog is a perfect combo of crispiness and flavour! I really like your packaging too….I will definitely be supporting you in future! You can taste the effort that has gone into the making of this crisps – quality obviously is a top priority!
- Sian, 28th July 2011, Wimbledon

I tasted your crisps at the Sheep Heid Edinburgh,today, and was bowled over by the nostalgic taste of real crisps. I kept the packet so I could remember the product and noted that a freebie might be available although I wold buy the crisps anyway.
- Fraser, 27th July 2011, Edinburgh

Had 2 bags of Salty Dog strong cheese & onion crisps tonight and they were great! Thanks very much!
- Rich, 25th July 2011, Ipswich

My local sandwich shops stocks your crisps and I can't go there (daily) without grabbing a bag. Ham & wholegrain Mustard flavour are my absolute favourite crisps, period.
- Tomas, 26th July 2011, Trowbridge

Just a quick email to say how much my family and I enjoyed the "Ham and mustard" flavour Salty-Dog crisps we had this evening. We had never encountered such a distinct and pleasant flavour and look forward to trying more of your products in the future.
- Ellen, 24th July 2011, Hungerford

Congratulations on making such grrrrrrreat crisps! We are now hooked and pestering our local to stock them! Keep up the great work!
- Mike & Luce, 22nd July 2011, Warminster

Hi, I tried Salty Dog crisps for the first time recently, and was most impressed.
- Ian, 22nd July 2011, Plymouth

I have just discovered Salty Dog crisps and I love them!Thank you!!
- Jackie, 20th July 2011, Uxbridge

Wuff salty dog, just tried your sweet chilli crisps, they were awesome. well done boy!
- Nick, 14 July 2011

I just want to say me and my mum love your crisps so much, we found them a few weeks ago and ever since the we've been hooked! Thank you so much and you can be guarnantied we will continue to buy your splendid crisps!
- miss Rhiannon Palmer, 13th July 2011

Great crisps – like kettle chips but with bite! Cheers,
- Adam, 12 July 2011

About two weeks ago I called into a pub in Bristol for a beer and saw your crisps. As I consider myself an authority on the subject, having loved them for 50 years and tried so many makes in many different countries I just had to try yours as they were new to me. Was I impressed? They really are outstanding and up at the top with the very best that I have tried. I had an all time top three (all equal) now I am pleased to say that I have a top four and will be looking out for your crisps again in future. Thank you and well done for producing such an excellent product.
- Neil, 8th July 2011

hi love your crisps especally the hot jalapeeno flavour. thank you salty dog people grrrrrrrrrrr
- mr c beeson, 5th July 2011

I very much enjoyed your sea salt crisps at the Whitchurch Silk Mill this week. Both experiences were worth having! Thank you
- Elaine, 1st July 2011

I have recently spotted salty dog crisps in my local town but am now addicted, my favourite bein sweet chilli flavour! Many thanks
- Amie, 28th June 2011

I went to my local off licence Cloud Wine in Southampton and just wanted to say what amazing crisps you do! I never write an email to any company but like the idea behind your crisps and they’re now my favourite and would be happy to spread the word of Salty Dog Crisps and their fine taste!
- Jambo the Great, 17th June 2011

hi, just wanted to let u know your crisps are amazings! Much tastier and yummys than any others I have tried and beleive me I have tried a fair few, even importing from the states but allways dissappointed. Well I now feel my search is over and may order a box to stay stocked up! keep up the yummyness :) Bought from FTA, St Johns Road at work :)
- Emma, Southborough, 9th June 2011

Woof woof dear Salty Dog. Yesterday I was starving and went into Coffee Republic. I saw the gorgeously cute chips stacked beautifully at the till. I just HAD to have them. The cheeesy chive was awesome. I was with a friend and she looked as I tucked in. Being a brilliant friend I offered her some however secretly hoped she would say no thanks. She did say no and I scofffed them and it was yummy. BTW I have a Westie and I saved a few for him and he loved them but I wouldn't give him many as not good for him but I didn't want him to be jealous of salty dog. thank you salty tea, love
- Fenella

OMG!!!!!!!!!! I have just tried Salty Dog sea salt & malt vinegar they are fantastic... .excellent........ superb.....These are brilliant........ I am lost for words.........they really are the best...........my mouth is watering just thinking about them. I tried my first packet the other night in a pub in Newport Pagnell, I loved them that much I brought 3 packets home (same flavour), now I have eaten them all, I am desperate to go back and get more and try the different flavours......Well done Salty Dog, you're great, thanks
- Becky, Newport Pagnell

Annual USA chip party 2011 video featuring Salty Dog crisps courtesy of Justin Taylor Browne and Chris Rider ..Fab ! Thanks for sending it to us guys

Best crisps ever i love them.
- Jess Hayes

Hello! I am an absolute crisp addict, i like to think i am a professor or the crisp world. I tried Salty Dog strong cheese and onion the other day....and my golly...they are simply, brilliant! Well done folks... now they are the only brand I eat!! *Yum Yum*
- Jennifer Moll - certified crisp addict haha

Hi, Went into my local Budgens today. I tried your sweet chilli flavour. Was I pleased? Well, the answer is yes? Then I turn the packet around. WOW! Made in Chesham. My home town even if I live in Aylesbury now. Home is home. Viva salty dog, viva Chesham! Best Wishes,
- Mo Ahmad P.S. Will be recommending SD to all my work mates!