about us

It was in 2002 when Dave Willis, fed up with delivering other people’s crisps, thought “we could make better crisps than those currently sitting in the back of my van. ” Judy, his wife, fully agreed and soon afterwards Salty Dog crisps were born.

The name is a glowing tribute to Dave’s loveable cabin buddy Ruby, a terrier puppy. The business blossomed and in 2007 Salty Dog found himself given an all natural younger sister, Darling Spuds, who has been turning heads and breaking hearts ever since.

What our customers say

Just picked up a pack of your strong cheese and onion crisps and they taste amazing. So much better than some of the premium brands out there!
I just want to say thank you for these wonderful tasting crisps! They taste fresh and really, really crispy, unlike some other makes. Its a pleasure to buy them as they go with a pint of beer just dandy!!!!
Seriously your crisps are the best.
I got a bag of your peanuts today. They were the best peanuts I've ever tasted. My husband tried some too & he said they taste like he's never eaten peanuts before - praise indeed!
The texture, crispiness and flavour are great. I think they are probably one of, or possibly the best crisps I’ve ever had. Keep up the good work.